Landscaping & Landscape Design

Whether you’re looking to change the front lawn and landscape of your property or you’re starting from scratch C&B Property Maintenance LLC can handle the project. We specialize in landscape design consultation and landscape installation services for your entire property. We can help you decide where to put the Bocci Court or help you pick out the color of your perennials. Our design consultant has over 20 years’ experience putting together properties literally from the ground up. We can source foliage or find that particular shade of stone that will make your property the envy of the neighborhood. Call us today to begin your journey.

Landscape Design
Not sure where to start in the landscape process? We can help design the property of your dreams.
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Planting Services
We offer several types of planting services including flowers, shrubs, trees, and raised bed or natural plot gardens to name a few.
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Lawn Installation
We will bring in the fill and top soil to ensure the Hydroseed or sod establishes properly.
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Mulch/Flower Bed Installation
Where do I put the flower bed? Ask us...and then we'll install it.
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Raised Bed/Natural Plot Gardens
We can ensure your garden is properly sized with the correct PH for the crop you intend to harvest.
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Rock/Stone Gardens
When dirt and grass just won't do it for you....let us show you what Rocks can do.
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We are currently booked through Spring 2024 and are not quoting new work until July 2024.  We are careful to not take on more work than we can handle so that we have success with each customer.  Thank you for understanding.