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Property Drainage Solutions

It is unhealthy to have stagnant pools of water on your property. Not only are they breeding grounds for disease carrying insects, they also produce mold and fungus that damage your yard. Having too much water on your property is not only unhealthy, it’s impossible to use an overly wet lawn most of the time.

Often times, a site evaluation will lead us to the most appropriate drainage solution for your property. If water is a problem on your property, give C&B Property Maintenance LLC a call, we can help dry out that lawn with a variety of drainage solutions today!



Contact us today whether you need a tree removed, a French drain installed, or you are looking to redesign your entire property.

French Drains
French drains are a wonderful solution for excess ground water throughout your lawn. C&B Property Maintenance has installed many French drains throughout the Bristol, CT area.
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Channel Drains
A properly placed channel drain can stop directional water problems in their tracks.
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Foundation Water Proofing
We can help dry out your basement
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Gutter Drains
When you need to bring roof water far away from your home, gutter drains are an excellent option.
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Yard Drains
When surface water is the problem, yard drains can whisk that water away quickly.
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Sump Pump
When you need a sump pump installed or one changed out, C&B is your company!
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