Yard Drainage Solutions

Having stagnant pools of water on your property is not only unhealthy, they are a breeding ground for disease carrying insects. Pooling water around your foundation often leads to extensive damage of what is most people’s largest investment, their home! At C&B Property Maintenance LLC, we specialize in drying out the yards of Connecticut. By using our comprehensive site evaluation process, we can determine the most cost-effective solution to removing the excess problem water on your property.  If you need a yard drainage problem solved, call Connecticut’s leader in residential storm water management, C&B Property Maintenance LLC today!

French Drains
French drains are a wonderful solution for excess ground water throughout your lawn. C&B Property Maintenance has installed many French drains throughout the Bristol, CT area.
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Channel Drains
A properly placed channel drain can stop directional water problems in their tracks.
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Downspout Drains
When you need to bring roof water far away from your home, gutter drains are an excellent option.
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Foundation Water Proofing
We can help dry out your basement
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Foundation Crack Repair
If you should find a crack in your foundation, we can fix it up quickly
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Sump/Dewatering Pumps
Our proprietary custom sump/dewatering systems are built to dry out your property!
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Yard Drainage Solutions

C&B Property Maintenance is a yard drainage company that specializes in solving complex drainage issues.

Having stagnant pools of water is unhealthy for a property, and it often prevents homeowners from completely enjoying their yards. Not only are they breeding grounds for disease-carrying insects, but they also produce mold and fungus that can damage your yard.

Having too much water on your property is not only unhealthy – it’s impossible to use an overly wet lawn most of the time. Often, a site evaluation will lead us to the most appropriate drainage solution for your property.

If you need a yard drainage problem solved, give C&B Property Maintenance LLC a call.  We can help dry out that lawn with a variety of yard drainage solutions today!

French Drains

French drains are a popular and effective way to manage excess water on your property. They’re essentially a trench filled with gravel or rock and a perforated pipe that redirects water away from the problem area. The gravel or rock surrounding the pipe allows water to flow through and into the pipe, which then carries the water away from the area.

At C&B Property Maintenance, we specialize in French drain installation and can help solve your yard drainage problems. Our team has extensive experience in assessing properties and selecting the best solution for your specific needs. We use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your French drain is installed correctly and works effectively.

In addition to our installation services, we also offer maintenance and repair services for French drains. Over time, sediment and debris can accumulate in the drain and impede its effectiveness. We can clean and maintain your French drain to ensure that it continues to work properly.

Channel Drains

Channel Drains are one of the most effective solutions to redirect water away from your property. These drainage systems consist of a long, narrow trench that is installed in the soil. Water flows into the channel, which is typically paved or lined with durable materials, and is then directed away from the property. Channel drains are often placed at the edge of driveways, patio areas, and waterlogged zones.

Not only do channel drains prevent standing water, but they’re also an attractive addition to any outdoor space. They come in various materials, including concrete, metal, and stone, and they can be designed to complement the surrounding landscape.

At C&B Property Maintenance LLC, we offer a range of channel drain options. Our experienced technicians will evaluate your property and recommend the best solution for your situation.

Foundation Water Proofing

As a homeowner, a wet and damp basement can be a nightmare. Not only does it create an unpleasant environment to be in, but it can also cause severe damage to the foundation and structure of your home. This is where C&B Property Maintenance comes in – with our foundation waterproofing service, we help keep water out of your basement for good.

Our team of experts will first assess the situation and determine the root cause of the water intrusion. From there, we’ll take the necessary steps to prevent future water damage by using a variety of techniques, such as installing a sump pump or French drain system.

We understand that every home is different, which is why we offer a customized waterproofing solution to meet your specific needs. Our team uses only the best materials and equipment to ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Gutter Drains

Gutter drains are an essential part of any yard drainage system. These simple installations help to redirect water away from the roof of your home and prevent it from pooling around the foundation.

Gutter drains come in many shapes and sizes, depending on your needs and preferences. Most commonly, they’re installed along the edges of your roof, where they catch rainwater as it falls. The water then flows down the gutters and through a series of pipes, before finally being released at a safe distance from your home.

At C&B Property Maintenance, we specialize in designing and installing gutter drains that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your property. Our team will begin by conducting a thorough site evaluation to identify potential drainage issues and determine the most appropriate solution for your specific situation.

Next, we’ll work with you to select the right materials and design an efficient and effective gutter drain system that meets your needs and budget. We use only the highest-quality materials and work tirelessly to make sure all of our installations are completed to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Yard Drains

Yard drains are fantastic drainage solutions for properties that experience frequent flooding or pooling of water due to heavy rain or improper grading. They work by diverting water away from the surface of the property and sending it to a designated drainage area. They’re a cost-effective and long-lasting solution that can solve even the most complex drainage issues.

C&B Property Maintenance LLC can help you determine the best type of yard drain for your property, whether that’s French drains, channel drains, or catch basins.

Our team will assess your property to determine which type of yard drain will be the most effective. We’ll also evaluate the drainage system currently in place and make any necessary upgrades to ensure optimal performance. Our installation process is efficient and tailored to your specific needs, using only high-quality materials for the most long-lasting results.

Sump Pump

A sump pump is a crucial component of many yard drainage systems, particularly for properties that have low-lying areas with a tendency to accumulate water.

It works by diverting excess water away from your property and into a designated drainage area. Essentially, it pumps the accumulated water out of the sump basin to prevent flooding and water damage.

Sump pumps are usually installed in basements or crawl spaces and made out of materials like cast iron, stainless steel, or plastic. They’re equipped with a float switch that detects water levels and automatically switches on when the water reaches a certain level.

C&B Property Maintenance has years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining sump pumps for residential and commercial properties. Our team can evaluate your property, recommend the best sump pump for your needs, and provide expert installation services.