Tree Service

Dead trees and branches can be hazardous to anyone on your property. We are a tree service company that specializes in tree removal, branch removal, and the unsightly stumps left behind. We also remove hazardous tree limbs, hedges and shrubs to help improve the health of the foliage on your property. While we spend much of our time removing dead trees and limbs, we are also experts at planting trees and shrubs. Letting a professional plant your foliage will ensure a healthy start and increase the chances of a successful growth pattern. Call C&B Property Maintenance LLC when you need tree removal services, stump grinding or other tree maintenance.

Tree Removal
We can safely remove any tree from your property efficiently. We also remove all the debris created during the project.
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Stump Removal
Our typical customer likes us to remove the entire stump, although grinding below grade is a cost effective alternative.
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Milling Services
With our mobile sawmill we can produce usable products from the “waste” other companies throw away.
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Brush Removal
If you're building a home or if the yard has been overrun, we can help. We remove all types of brush and clear lots of any size.
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Tree Planting
We not only enjoy cutting trees down, we also enjoy planting trees, shrubs, and hedges.
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Hazardous Limb Removal
We can remove any limb that's threatening your property or personal safety.
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