Yard Drainage Project Videos

Take a look at our videos below of projects where we have implemented yard drainage solutions, including installing french drains as well as well as other solutions to resolve water issues in a yard.

Dealing With Mountain Springs

We installed a french drain to divert mountain spring water as well as to dry out a yard in order to make it usable.

Catching Some Downspouts with Yanmar SV08-1D

This customer had a back yard water issue stemming from the downspouts as well as 2 indoor sump pump discharge pipes emptying too close to the house. Lets not forget, a mischievous puppy who enjoyed attacking the spewing water while creating a mud bath. We captured the downspouts and sump discharges, brought water to a drywell and added a an overflow tail for good measure.

Diverting water with a berm

Water has been collecting in the pasture to the left on screen and streaming down hill like a river towards this customers house-flooding their basement on several occasions. We were hired to make sure water never comes close to the house again. After two major storms in successive weeks, this monster berm looks to be this customers new best friend. This is the rough install, the berm needs to settle over the Winter with a few more storms and hopefully a blanket or two of snow to be firm enough for landscaping. We’ll have a second video in late March covering the landscaping. For now, the house is safe and dry for the holidays and winter.
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