Yard Drainage Project Videos

Take a look at our videos below of projects where we have implemented yard drainage solutions, including installing french drains as well as well as other solutions to resolve water issues in a yard.

Drying Out A.J’s Basement with a French Drain

This customer had water issues in their basement. We installed catch basins and a sump pump combined with a french drain to help dry out their basement. We used 60 foot of french drain that terminates into a drywell (with a yard grate overflow installed). This system is designed for runoff that goes into the backyard when it over flows. The drywell is there to slow the flow of the discharge to minimize erosion.

How to Stop a Washout

We installed channel drains to stop water from streaming down into the customers driveway and the road. The water was flowing into the customers yard and was washing out the underside of his front porch. He went to the city to have a storm drain installed on the road but was told it would take six months to allocate the funds! He couldn’t take the chance of more damage to the porch and called us for a quick solution.

Making a Wet Yard Usable Again

This customer was having issues with downspout water building up in the low spots. The water was hidden by the pachysandra. Due to the grading of the property, they were also experiencing an overly wet side and backyard. This was due to the berm created by the roots of the hedge framing the yard. We quickly went to work installing a 110 foot french drain and gutter drains. They terminate into a drywell outside the hedge. After installing the drains, we finished the property by regrading the yard to pitch and surface water away from the house. We also used the excess fill from the drain to raise a low spot between the trees which now gives this family adequate room to play in their new yard!

Dealing With Mountain Springs

We installed a french drain to divert mountain spring water as well as to dry out a yard in order to make it usable.

Basement Waterproofing

This customer had several places along their basement floor that were allowing water into the home creating the possibility for ruined property and unhealthy mold issues. Much like you right now, they saw a video for C&B Property Maintenance and immediately made the call. In just a few short weeks we were able to schedule the job, locate and secure all the necessary supplies, and complete a full exterior waterproofing of their foundation. After a couple rain storms already, this customer is currently picking out new flooring and tile!

Extreme Outdoor Sump

This customer spent thousands of dollars re-grading the water out of his backyard only to watch the neighbor do the same exact thing the following year. He wanted a solution that would dry out the extremely wet yard and make it usable for the next 20 years while he and his wife raised their young family. So he reached out to C&B Property Maintenance LLC and we went to work drying out his yard. With 270 feet of French drain feeding a 15 foot custom outdoor sump pump chamber, this yard will remain dry all year round. With a flow reducer installed at the end of the discharge, this system will not only keep the yard dry, it won’t flood the driveway when it has to move water.
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