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At C&B Property Maintenance we do a lot of landscaping and landscape design. We just don’t mow lawns (although we can recommend a great and affordable company that does that). Whether you need trees planted or want a completely custom landscape designed give us a call.

CT Brush & Stump Removal

After being overrun by a choker vine and becoming a hazard to the driveway next door, this customer requested a full removal of all bushes, stumps, and the chain link fence. Upon removing the bushes and fence, C&B Property Maintenance LLC realized the red oak stump had grown over the 50 year old support post of the fence, requiring us to precision grind the stump to a depth of 12 inches and to cut the post out of the cement block. The customer was excited with the clean canvas left behind to redesign and plant at a future date.

Property Transformation

When looking at their new property, this customer saw an immediate need for usable lawn space. Within a few short days, we went to work removing 29 trees and grinding the stumps below grade. After removing over 45 yards of debris (leaves, rocks, vines, roots, etc.) we found a huge hole in the space that needed to be filled. So we brought in 85 yards of clean fill, leveling the area and prepared to install gutter drains reaching out to a 60 foot French drain to handle evenly dispersing the roof water throughout the lower yard while keeping the area dry for activities. After installing the drainage it was time to bring in 50 yards of topsoil to finish the lawn and build the swale that would become the new hedge. When the swale was built, we hand planted 21 Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae in a semi-arc and finished it off with a low maintenance mulch bed. In a few short days the hydroseed will sprout and this customers property transformation will be complete. Looking for something on a smaller scale? We also do general spring and fall cleanup.

CT Drainage

This customer had a yard that took 8 weeks to dry out every Spring and formed huge pools when it rained heavy.  They tried to fix the property through regrading and had great success, only to have the neighbor regrade the following year and push the water back over their property.  After a quick discussion with C&B’s drainage specialist, they decided to install a large French Drain that lead to a dewatering yard sump pump.  When it rained hours after the install, the customer was delighted to see their new sump immediately going to work.

Sketchy Trees & Brush Removal

A strong wind separated this Ash tree and tool the right side of this Maple down, so this customer thought it was time to make his property safe for his children while adding beauty at the same time, After removing the Ah and Maple, we went to work ripping out the overgrown landscaping around the house. After realizing we could transplant some of the smaller plants, we saved this family several hundred dollars in new plants. When the transplanting was complete, we installed a new rock boarder around the home. The family was delighted with the transformation.

Land Clearing

This customer was looking to expand their backyard and give it an overhaul, adding an in-ground pool, Bocci court, and a walking garden.  We went to work removing 35 large trees, all the underbrush, and a large Forsythia patch that was well over 2500 square feet clearing the way for the open space needed.  As they were preparing to have the stumps removed a property they had wanted for years came on the market.  When they went to sell this property they received several offers over their asking price, with the accepted offer being $75,000 more than asking.

Foundation Waterproofing

This customer was experiencing a heavy amount of water coming into his home through the cold joint between the concrete slab the house was sitting on and the walls of the basement. He hired us to fix the problem. After evaluating the property for options, it was decided a full exterior waterproofing of the foundation was in order. A four layer system was designed to ensure water never again had the opportunity to penetrate the living space. The system included the application of expansion crack sealant, an elastomeric membrane application, attaching a blister board layer, into an open-faced French drain system that also included handling the roof runoff water. After backfilling the drain, we installed a decorative boarder to help hold the rock in place. While the new grass is sprouting, this customer was out looking at new tile for the basement.

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