Project Spotlight: Pool Aftermath Cleanup & Landscaping in Wolcott

We recently had a customer in Wolcott who had a pool installed on the side of a mountain.  The installation left a mess including piles of rocks, dirt and uprooted grass.  We sifted out the large rocks and used smaller rocks and pebbles to fill holes. We leveled the area around the newly installed retaining wall and pool. We applied nutrient-rich topsoil to all of the areas and seeded the area with a hardy grass seed blended. This topsoil is meant for areas that get both sun and shade as well as high traffic areas.

The project was challenging due to there being no access for the equipment on the upper level. We hand bucketed 3 yards of topsoil over a 10 foot retaining wall. We graded the lower level and applied 4 yards of topsoil. We Seeded all areas using a sun/shade athletic turf blend.

We used a Sun/Shade blend of topsoil made for athletic turf. This blend is perfect for high traffic areas, especially homes with children.

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Another picture of the project:

Wolcott Landscaping Project
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